Platform Engineering

The sciota robotic platforms and the sciota software framework are the basis for individual services. These services concern the selection of suitable mechanical components and chassis design to handle loads or challenges in offroad applications. The software for control and navigation is adapted to specific use cases. GNSS or RTLS can be integrated for position determination.

Security Framework

Access to individual devices must be guaranteed securely and without any gateways. At the same time, device management should be scalable for large numbers of devices. The framework developed by sciota robotics offers exactly these possibilities and thus reduces the deployment effort for research and development as well as industrial applications. The framework is not only suitable for the vehicles themselves, but also for the integrated sensor and actuator components.

Web-based Portal

The data collected from the vehicle are transported via the sciota security framework and visualized in the web-based portal. This enables easy access and further analysis without hurdles. Data from different vehicles can also be accessed transparently. Individual adaptations of the basic components lead to a suitable overall application in each specific use case.

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