sciota robotics develops, manufactures and customizes a multi-purpose UGV platform. It can be individually adapted to specific use cases. Mechanical extensions are suitable for loads up to several times of its own weight. Any number of additional components can be connected to the Arduino-based controller and the standard remote-control receiver. ROS (Robot Operating System) can connect to the Arduino and provides the higher-level mission control. Therewith you avoid vendor lock-in in your robotics projects.

Turnkey – The UGV is ready for immediate use. It can be controlled by an included remote-control over several hundred meters. Remote monitoring with cameras or recording of physical values with transportable measuring devices at remote locations is thus possible without additional development work.

Outdoor with Payload – All UGV Platforms are suitable for advanced use in light offroad terrain. They can be loaded with a multiple of their weight. Payload can be transported even in rough terrain.

Telepresence Robot based on the Compact Robotics Platform

ROS prepared – The basis for controlling is an Arduino Mega, open at the serial interface. Additional modules (NVIDIA Jetson, Raspberry Pi) control the platform via ROS (Robot Operating System).